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Marishka, one of Dracula's brides (Van Helsing)

A vampire is a creature known to be the living dead in most genres. Commonly, a vampire is an evil creature and requires the consumption of mortal blood to survive. Vampires date back to a variety of novels, films and television shows. Some are portrayed as gorgeous, seductive creatures while others are as ugly as their truest monster form.

Physiology and Nature

Traditionally a vampire is depicted as having a strong pale skin tone and fangs. In different universes there are changes to if they appear more human or monster. For example, some sources claim that vampires have the capability to bewitch mortals with their eyes and others consider the gaze of a vampire to be cold and a reflection of their devil inside. Colours also shift between universes, in the Underworld series they are a steel blue, prominent iris and in films related to the Anne Rice series, they look as if they were normal human eyes.


Vampires look like humans therefor they can esaly live among humans in the cities. But it's said the first vampires were from Transylvania.


The most known way to create a vampire is when a human gets bitten by not killed by a vampire. Some believe the victim has to drink vampire blood after getting bitten to become a real vampire.


A vampire is immortal and can live forever.


There are only few ways to kill a vampire:

  1. Drive a wooden stake through its heart
  2. Vampires will burn into flames if they get into dayligth

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